Tue/Thurs Echelon Mid-Day Ride – Open

Tues/Thurs – 12:15pm from the East Beach Bathhouse west parking lot. (Cabrillo @ Milpas)

Approx 25 mile loop through the foothills to Carpinteria and back. Moderate training pace with sprints and regroups. This ride is ‘un-lead’, so be prepared to handle all situations. Must wear helmet.

Saturday Vieja Valley / Open Ride – 8:30am

Details on long version ~50 miles
Details on regular version ~34 miles

Meet at the Vieja Valley School parking lot at 434 Nogal Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, show up 5 minutes late and you may be chasin’.  The ride is an intermediate ride (35 to 40 mi., about 2 to 2 1/2 hours).  The average speed for the ride are typical for reasonable fit serious recreational riders but, there are designated regrouping stops for the rides announced before the ride start.  We have an “A” ride for the faster riders and we have a “B” ride for people who want a more casual pace or are new cyclists and want to learn how to group ride.

If there is a mechanical problem yell out and we’ll stop to help.  If someone is going to quit early or if you simply don’t want to stay with the pace of the group let someone know. This will prevent extended waits at the regroup stops for a rider who is not going to show. Communication is very important for a good group ride.

Safety is of the utmost importance with Echelon riders. These are group rides and proper group riding protocol must be followed.  A helmet is a definite requirement.  If you are not familiar with what goes on with a group ride, please ask. The rides are friendly and there are Echelon members who will gladly help acquaint new riders with how to safely ride with the pack.

1st & 3rd (& 5th) Sunday Echelon Ride - 9:00 am
Check the Events Calendar to learn about this ride; it's different every week! We will do moderate to harder rides (non-drop, regroups) often including more climbing and distance. We try to mix it up with local and out of town rides, including the Santa Ynez Valley and elsewhere. Accept the challenge, broaden your experience, push your limits, have fun!

2nd & 4th Sunday Echelon Ride – 9:00
Meetup in Parking lot of the East Beach Bathhouse or elsewhere - check the calendar! - for a ‘no leader’ even, medium paced “No Drop” (within reason…) ride – 35ish or more miles. A varied route, depending on the preference of those who show, often following the traditional ‘Rincon’ route, or sometimes a little more hill work. Non-members are encouraged to come out and meet the echelon group. Must wear helmet.

Sunday Echelon "Be" Ride (NEW)

This is approximately 2 hour long structured training ride developed by the Echelon Board and Coaching Staff. It is designed to introduce new members of the riding community to the fundamental principles and etiquette of collaborative group training sessions. This ride is appropriate for fit individuals who ride regularly. While not designated a strictly “ no-drop ride”, the ride is based on time honored cooperative techniques that allow the group to effectively incorporate riders of different fitness levels and skillsets. This ride distinguishes itself from other area group rides in its’ moderately fast while not competitive mindset.As such, it offers novice and experienced riders alike the chance to hone their fitness and build skills in the company of like-minded individuals.

Instructional Topics covered include how:

*to ride a “continental-style” double pace line, where riders advance through rotation, rather than pulling off.
*to gauge the proper intensity and duration to pull
*to develop situational awareness 
*to communicate effectively (verbal and non-verbal)
*to opt out of the rotation in a low impact and graceful manner
*to bring out the best in the riders around you, rather than compete against them.
*to ride in a predictable manner that increases safety for fellow cyclists and motorists.

The “Be” ride meets on Sundays at 8.30 at the East Beach Bath House.
It rolls out a few minutes after the regular Echelon ride and follows the Jameson/ Via Real corridor 
until Carpinteria, where it crosses the freeway on Linden and returns via Foothill and lower Toro Canyon back to the coast. 

This ride is lead by long-term member Jim Garwood in collaboration with Echelon Jr Development Coordinator Peter Honig.

Sunday World’s Open Ride – 9:00am

Meet at East Beach Bathhouse: Same as the Tuesday Thursday ride – 35 mile loop to Carpenteria bluffs. The start is usually late by a few minutes but the pace more than makes up for it. The pack is heavy with the town’s elite racers. Also sometimes referred to as the Sunday World Championships by the locals. Bring Your A Game!

Sprint up Glen Annie Road


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