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Santa Barbara

Voler Shorts

December 27, 2017 1:15 PM | Steve Nelson (Administrator)

Those of you who purchased Voler shorts this time here is something you should know: We offer two levels of bib shorts, Sola FS Pro and the upgraded Milano FS Pro. They are not labeled as such but they are easy to tell apart. Solano has a more solid, uniform fabric while Milano is lighter weight and has a distinctive crosshatched pattern. Milano also has a somewhat tighter and more compressive fit.

What you need to know is that under normal conditions Milano will not hold up as well as Solano; it is designed as an event-wear garment, not actually intended for everyday use. Solano is intended for everyday riding, training and such, and should hold up quite well.

Proper care would be: Machine wash delicate using a simple, fragrance-free detergent; hang dry. The Milano fabric is less robust and should be washed soon after use so your sweat (or whatever) doesn't degrade it; don't let it sit in the hamper festering for a week!

If you have questions or any problems with your kit don't hesitate to contact Voler directly.

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