10/5/15 3x Olympian John Allis conducts training session with Junior Elite riders Ruben Saatjian, Case Regan, and Kieran Hook.  John is out from Dublin, NH visiting family in Santa Barbara and coached Echelon's Jr Development Coordinator Peter Honig.  In addition to being the first American rider of the modern era to ride for the legendary French team ACBB,  winning the 1974 US National Championship, coaching the Harvard Cycling Team for 25 years, and riding classics such as the Milk Race,  John rode in the very first Tour of California  , back in 1971.  

John will be coaching all age groups of Echelon junior riders this week, with a special emphasis on techniques for developing good pedaling mechanics in the off-season. John's very generous donation of his time and expertise is most appreciated!


The Echelon Mountain Drive Junior Time Trial #2 took place last Saturday. It was the 2nd in a series of time trials for our Junior riders. The course runs along Mountain Drive for a total of 5 miles, and the route not only features outstanding views but also very little traffic. To further ensure the safety of our young riders, each rider was “shadowed” by a parent or Echelon volunteer. Following a brief skills clinic by Echelon veteran Bill Sargent, the riders were off, skillfully maneuvering their bikes over the sinuous curves bordered alternately by bougainvillea and chaparral.

Eight riders participated, with times reflecting average speeds between 11 and 21 mph. The participants ranged in age and experience from 9-year-old Cash Lettieri in his first ever outing with the club to 16-year-old District Champion Ruben Saatjian.

9-year-old Bhodi Harper of Goleta improved his time from 24 minutes to 21.45 from the first time trial in late July after a summer of training with the group. 13-year-old Milo Van Wingerden, in his first ever competition, averaged 16.4 mph after 4 months of training, which bodes well for his debut racing season in 2016. 11-year-old Aiden Middleton was hot on Milo’s wheels speeding along at 15 mph despite nursing a sore wrist. Myles Hazen of Montecito, also 11, although a veteran mountain biker, had never really done a road ride before on his brand new bike. Luckily he wandered into Fastrak, and got some expert advice from Cash’s dad Dave (who knows a little about time trialing from the 1988 Olympics)…he blazed along at 11 mph, and then promptly rode away with new teammate Bhodi to explore the rest of Mountain Drive.

What’s next for these speedy young phenoms? They’ve got their sites on the Santa Barbara Century event in October. Keiran Hook, fresh back from training in the Australian Outback, is joining forces with race-hardened Case Regan and Ruben to tackle the 100-mile event along side the Echelon Team headed by coach Seth Hatfield. Milo is going the family route, team time trialing the 64-mile course with his dad and uncle. And Aiden and Bhodi are joining forces for the shorter 34-mile route. After a short off-season, they will all be back on the road training for 2016…

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